By the definition Vision, the MANN suggests the idea of museum at which it intends to aim through the carrying out of the activities, as specified below, consistent with the Values, which the museum acknowledges as its own and are useful for the Museum to achieve its strategical objectives fixed for the period 2016-2019.

The MANN intends to cultivate two different aspirations and to develop their coexistance: firstly, it puts itself forward as a witness and an interpreter of the historical materials of very great value which its collections consist of and have allowed Naples to be one of the most dynamic and enlightened European capitals. Therefore, the National Archeological Museum as the Capital of the Reign and “Collezione Farnese” together with the material from Campania and Pompeii as a result of the enlightened policy of the Bourbons.

Secondly, the MANN intends to recover and bring out its own vocation to scientific research and spread of culture thanks to the high level of professionalism and the wide knowledge stratified over time that now live in the professional staff of the Museum. Therefore, the MANN as “Palazzo degli Studi”, where masterly History lessons are unravelled and made understandable to the different types of visitors with whom the Museum comes into contact and establishes relations and exchanges of knowledge.

All this has to be seen in a perspective of action that will be local and global at the same time. It will be local, since the museum will further strengthen the already strong territorial rootedness with Naples, putting itself forward as a protagonist of the cultural life of the metropolitan city through numerous and articulate cultural projects. Exhibitions, events and particular occasions will be organized in such a way as not only to attract new public, but also to overcome their physical perimeter and to spread throughout the local community.

It will be global, since the Museum intends to become the mouthpiece of its own history and the history of its own territory on an international scale through the project “MANN all over the world”, contributing to export the image of the Museum, Naples and Campania.

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