Restoration Laboratory

The Conservation and Restoration Laboratory of the National Archeological Museum of Naples was founded in 1994 in order to provide for and directly manage the conservation, restoration and organization of the materials of the Museum. It segments into five sections: Stony Materials and Reproductions; Wall Paintings and Mosaics; Pottery, Glasses, Bones, Ivories; Metals; Arrangements.

Directed by the coordinator Antonio Scognamiglio, it has 23 employees subdivided as follows: 2 restorer-curator-directors (Mr Umberto Minichiello, coordinator of the Section devoted to Stony Materials and Reproductions; Mrs Marina Vecchi, coordinator of the Sections devoted to Pottery and Metals); 1 restorer-curator (Mr Pasquale Musella, coordinator of the Section devoted to Wall Paintings and Mosaics); 7 technical-scientific assistants, including the coordinator of the Section devoted to Arrangements (Mr Giovanni Cirella); 1 qualified assistant-photographer; 5 specialized technicians; 6 workers; 1 security service administrator.

Under the Superintendent’s provisions, the Laboratory also attends the excavation yards in the territory of the provinces of Naples and Caserta and receives the archeological materials that need specialized interventions such as glasses, metals, ivories, etc.

Moreover, it makes full-scale copies of the archeological materials of the National Archeological Museum by request of Bodies, Universities, Italian and foreign Museums (for example the reproductions of the colossal sculptures denominated “Testa Carafa” and “Ercole Farnese” made for the museum room at the Underground Station “Museum”, the copy of the bronze inscription denominated “dei Maltesi” made for the Presidency of the Republic of Malta, etc.). It also provides for and directly manages the organization of a large part of exhibitions and museum exhibitions supported by the “Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici” (Archeological Heritage Office) of the Provinces of Naples and Caserta.

The Laboratory hosts internships for students of Fine Arts Academy of Naples, the Faculty of Preservation of Artistic Heritage of the University Institute “Suor Orsola Benincasa” of Naples and Italian and foreign Restoration Schools.

il Laboratorio di Conservazione e Restauro ha elaborato il progetto MAMAN sul Mosaico di Alessandro tra i sette progetti nazionali selezionati per 2014-min
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