Obvia project

Out Of Boundaries Viral Art Dissemination is a project of communication and promotion of the MANN (National Archeological Museum of Naples), concerned with audience development.

  • The first line of action (OBVIA I) provides for the promotion of the national and international image of the Museum with the object of audience development, through the production and dissemination of “art for art’s sake”. Artists’ and designers’ works that give interpretations of “fragments” and archeological finds of the MANN with contemporary languages will be placed in unconventional areas.
    The main objective of the second line of action (OBVIA II) regards the “opening” of the Museum to the territory with the aim of transforming it into a point of reference for citizens, associations and archeological sites, through the creation of a permanent network based on territorial thematic and social criteria. The network intends to involve people who manage and promote cultural places in the town by means of new methods of management different from the conventional ones, such as those based on public-private initiatives of open innovation.
    The third line of action (OBVIA III) provides for a verification of the effects of viral dissemination and networking activities on the increase of the audience of the MANN.

Project creators
Mrs Daniela Savy and Carla Langella

Project coordinators
Mrs Daniela Savy, University “Federico II” of Naples

Other members of the research team
Mr Stefano Consiglio, teacher at the University “Federico II” of Naples
Mr Francesco Bifulco, teacher at the University “Federico II” of Naples
Mrs Carla Langella, teacher at the Second University of Naples
Mr Riccardo Staffa

Promozione Trenitalia

OBVIA I provides for the promotion of the national and international image of the Museum through the dissemination of artists’ and designers’ works that give interpretations of “fragments” of the MANN with contemporary languages. They will be placed in unconventional areas, such as airports, subways, trains and railway stations, hotels, B&B, bookshops, thematic web sites.

As regards this point, the Museum has initialed an agreement with Trenitalia.

Until December 31st 2017 the visitors who will reach the MANN by Trenitalia will be able to benefit by “Promo 2×1”.

CartaFRECCIA members and those people who decide to reach Naples by Freccia will be able to benefit by the promotion “2 admissions at the price of 1!

How to benefit by the offer

In order to benefit by the offer, it is necessary to show the CartaFreccia card or the FRECCIA ticket bearing destination Naples and dating back to 5 days max before the visit to the exhibition.

Nico e l'insolubile problema... egizio

On October 7th, the eagerly awaited reopening of the Egyptian Collection to the public will be also celebrated with the publication of a special comic-strip album.

The album, entitled “Nick and the insoluble Egyptian….problem”, is addressed to the kids who visit the National Archeological Museum and represents an invitation to discover the innumerable wonderful stories contained in the Museum.

Here is the cover preview of the album that will be issued by Electa.

Blasco Pisapia is the author of the text and the drawings of the comic strip.

A Neapolitan architect and comic-strip writer, he has collaborated with the main Italian publishing houses for children’s books.

Moreover, he has worked for Disney Italia/Panini for nearly twenty years.

The first six illustrations, which represent the incipit of the story, were presented at the MANN last February within the research project OBVIA – Out of Boundaries, Viral Art Dissemination -, created by Mrs Daniela Savy,  researcher at the University “Federico II” and Mrs Carla Langella,  researcher at the Second University of Naples. This project aims at proposing new modalities of viewing and exploitation of the works of art beyond the usual boundaries of museums and cultural places.

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