The Service attends to loan requests for works of the MANN submitted by Italian or Foreign Public and/or Private Institutions with the objective of organizing exhibitions. The Service arranges and follows the administrative course necessary for the appropriate licenses, taking care of the relations with Offices and Associations organizing the Event, with the Ministry for the export license and with transport Companies. Loan requests for works kept at the Mann to devote to exhibitions shall be submitted by the Organization directly to the Museum Director at least six months before, enclosing:

  • the scientific project including curators’ names and the list of the works requested on loan;
  • the technical documents relating to the exhibition place, security systems and exhibition conditions (Facility Report);
  • the exhibition project;
  • the return guarantee of the works to Italy at the end of the event, only for exhibitions abroad.

The loan is tied to the stipulation of a special insurance policy with a Company chosen by the applicant. The insurance contract shall be sent to the Mann in advance for the verification of the inserted clauses and, once signed, the original document shall be sent to the Mann before the collection of the works. Specialized companies of confirmed and certified experience shall take care of the packing and carriage of the works. The staff of the Museum shall attend to the packing and arrangement of the works in the exhibition place. A fee shall be paid according to the number of the works, their importance and the life of the loan. The Parts shall sign a Specific Agreement bearing the terms of the loan at least 30 days before the collection of the works.

Contacts: Mrs Paola Rubino De Ritis


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