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Legio I Italica: pageants of legionary world

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Legio I Italica

What does a person who is very keen on Roman history do in his free time? The members of the Cultural Association “Legio I Italica” know it very well, since they have chosen to revive Roman history personally, staging detailed pageants.

Strategies, tactics, battle array, armaments, military equipment, training and fighting represent a fertile soil for more and more accurate studies and experimentation. It is a different way to know the legionary world in its various aspects: religion, tradition, medicine, usages and customs.

At the MANN there is a Gallery devoted to sculptures of Campania in Roman times which can help people to discover the world of Ancient Rome. Moreover, a whole section of the Museum is devoted to Pompeii (the model of the town and a large number of archeological findings are exhibited) and to Ancient Naples, the Roman origins of which can be discovered.

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