Internal rules and regulations

The Statute

The Statute has been approved by the Board of Directors and the Scientific Council and subsequently transmitted to MiBACT for the general approval.

Implementing regulations

Agreements between Management and Unions, which regulate the use of museum spaces by external parties with a consequent rent and payment of surveillance units, have already been approved.

Implementing regulations of the Statute on the functioning of the offices are being approved in concert with the trade-unions.
The first two sections of these regulations refer to the office of surveillance and guardianship and the restoration office, including also the operations of accompanying the exhibitions abroad.

The premise of the surveillance section is the improvement of the public offer, beginning from the arrangement of staff in such a way that all the rooms stay open and, in case of a temporary reduction of staff, a closing of the rooms is provided for according to a criterion of priority, which safeguards the essential core of the collections (Farnese, Mosaics and Frescoes of Pompeii, Villa dei Papiri). In extraordinary cases, shorter hours or opening by appointment can be provided for. In these circumstances, the reduction of the museum offer shall be communicated by the new web site and the multimedia totem placed at the entrance of the Museum.

Service Chart

The Service Chart corresponds to the essential elements of the Statute guidelines and has been created by the Educational Service. It has been approved by the Scientific Council and the Board of Directors on the same date in which the Stature has been approved.

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