The Director of the Museum, appointed in October 1st 2015 and in office until September 30th 2019, is Mr Paolo Giulierini.

The Board of Directors consists of the Director and Mr Massimo Osanna, Director of the Polo Museale della Campania, Mr Christian Greco and Mr Antonio De Simone. This organ determines and plans the lines of research and the policy of the technical activities of the Museum, in harmony with the guiding principles and the acts of the Ministery.

The Scientific Council plays an advisory role of the Director about scientific matters in the context of the activities of the Museum and consists of Mr Pietro Giovanni Guzzo, Mrs Jane Thompson, Mr Carlo Rescigno and Mrs Giovanna Greco.

The Board of Auditors carries out the activities relating to the control of administrative and accounting regularity and consists of Mrs Maria Adele Paolucci, Mr Oreste Pippo and Mr Fabio Cecere.

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