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Santa Maria delle Anime del Purgatorio ad Arco

A visit to the so-called Church of Skulls (“cape ’e morte”), of the 1600s, is an amazing journey into Neapolitan culture, art, religion, life and death. From the church, one can then descend into what the Greeks called the hypogeum, or the under world, that still houses the fascinating cult of the “abandoned” souls.

via Tribunali, 39

progetto museo

how to get there from the MANN

10 min.

January > March

from monday to friday and sunday

h10 am > 2 pm • saturday h 10am > 5pm

April > December

from Monday to Saturday h10am > 6pm

Sunday h 10am > 2pm

full price €6



Pausilypon e Parco Sommerso di Gaiola

A blend of nature and archaeology characterizes one of the most atmospheric places in all of Naples. Between the craggy cliffs plummeting to the sea, and the beautiful sea below teeming with sea life, one can visit the extraordinary ruins of the ancient Roman villa of Pausilypon (1st century BC)..

Grotta di Seiano Discesa Coroglio 36


Discesa Gaiola (scogliera)


T +39 081 2403235


how to get there from the MANN


40 min

monday closed

AMP Parco Sommerso di Gaiola:

from Tuesday to Sunday 10.00 / 16.00

Boat visit Aquavision:


Saturday and Sunday: 10.30; 12:30; 15:00

full price €12

Grotta di Seiano e Parco Archeologico del Pausilypon


Tuesday to Friday: 12.00

Saturday: 10.00; 11.00; 12:00

Sunday: 10.00; 11.00; 12:00

full price €5


Complesso Museale dell’Arte della Seta:Chiesa dei Santi Filippo e Giacomo

A guided tour through the Museum, the crypt, and the archaeological ruins pieces together the history of the 16th Century Complex, built by the “Arte della Seta”, the Silk Guild, established in 1477 by Ferdinand I of Aragon.

via San Biagio dei Librai 118



how to get there from the MANN

10 min.

monday > thursday closed

friday and saturday h 11am > 6pm

sunday h 12am > 6pm

august closed

full price €5

chiesa della seta extramann Naples

Catacombe di Napoli

di San Gennaro e di San Gaudioso

The catacombs of San Gennaro and San Gaudioso. Deep in the heart of Naples, visitors will discover the burials of the first Christians, the mysterious 17th century tombs of Neapolitan aristocrats, the imposing underground cathedrals, and the exquisite frescos and mosaics which evoke an age-old history.

via Capodimonte, 13



how to get there from the MANN

20 min 13 min 30 min

monday > saturday h 10am > 5pm

sunday h 10am > 2pm

full price €9


Acquedotto augusteo del Serino

The Serino aqueduct is an imposing Roman engineering feat of the Augustan Age. It once spanned 100 km from its source down to the Piscina Mirabilis reservoir at Miseno. Some interesting fragments have been found beneath Palazzo Peschici-Maresca in the Sanità neighbourhood.

via Arena della Sanità, 5



how to get there from the MANN

10 min

monday closed

tuesday > friday • tours to be booked

in advance min. 10 people

saturday • sunday h 10:30am > 1pm

full price €6


Necropoli Ellenistica

The extraordinary Hellenistic Necropolis of Neapolis, cut into the tufa bedrock and buried by floods, is located north of the ancient city walls, along the route leading through the hillsides up to Capodimonte.

via S. Maria Antesaecula, 126



how to get there from the MANN

12 min 9 min

sunday h 10:30 am

full price €6

integrated ticket €18

(including 4 sites BorgoVergini)


Galleria Borbonica

The tour takes the visitor through the Galleria Borbonica and inside the water reservoir of the aqueduct, both used as bomb shelters in the Second World War. The visitor will also see enormous fragments from statues, vintage cars, and motorcycles which were buried under debris.

Percorso “Standard”

vico del Grottone, 4 • via D. Morelli, 61

Percorso “Via delle Memorie”

via Monte di Dio n° 14


g borbonica

how to get there from the MANN
27 min 25 min 30 min

“Standard” route

friday > sunday/bank holidays

h10 am • 12am • 3:30pm • 5:30pm

Route “Via delle Memorie”

friday > sunday/bank holidays

h 11am • 4pm

full price €10

galleria borbonica

Santa Maria della Misericordia ai Vergini

The 14th century church was rebuilt and enlarged from the 16th to the 18th century, when the refined baroque stuccos were created to decorate the aisle and the crypt. After 50 years of closure, it is currently the seat of SMMAVE Center for Contemporary Art.

via Fuori Porta San Gennaro 15




how to get there from the MANN
9 min 10 min

sunday h 11am > 1pm

guided tour full price €6

info and booking


+39 3663270911 • +39 3406070799

santamaria misericordia

Bicycle House

A bicycle tour through history, culture, and the beautiful landscapes of Naples is something all should do. One gets off the beaten track and discovers the most atmospheric and unusual places in Naples.

Galleria Principe di Napoli, 27/28


how to get there from the MANN
2 min

monday > sunday h 9am > 8pm

full price €30 (tour + bike rental)


Museo del Tesoro di San Gennaro

Invention, popular devotion, religiosity, spectacle: all this and more includes the exhibition of the Museum of the Treasure of San Gennaro, in a path of masterpieces along seven centuries that today you can see intact thanks to the meritorious work of the Deputation. The extraordinary, legendary and unique artistic and cultural heritage, displayed in the Museum of Treasure of San Gennaro, is enriched by masterpieces of inestimable value and rare beauty above all donated by kings who left very visible traces of their passage through precious gifts.

via Duomo 149



how to get there from the MANN
5 min 10 min

open every day h 9am > 5pm

ticket office closes at h 4:30pm

holidays h 9am > 5:30pm

ticket office closes at 5pm

full price €6 • Guided tour €8

museo san gennaro


Museo dell’Archivio Storico del Banco di Napoli

The largest historical bank archives in the world. Ancient payment documents from public banks contain 500 years of public history and personal stories from Naples and southern Italy from 1573 to the present. Some of these stories, such as those about of the patron saint of Naples, San Gennaro, and others about the Prince of Sansevero, are told in the Kaleidos multimedia exhibit.

via dei Tribunali, 214



how to get there from the MANN
15 min

From Monday to Friday h 10am > 6pm

Sunday h 10am > 2pm

Wednesday closed

museum pass full price €5

museum with guide full price €7

Museo Civico Gaetano Filangieri

Museo Filangieri is located in Palazzo Como, a historical building from the 15th Century in Via Duomo. It hosts a collection composed of beautiful tiles, china, ivories, armors, paintings and sculptures. Amongst the artworks, some spectacular paintings from the 17th Century by de Ribera, Luca Giordano, Vaccaro, Battistello Caracciolo etc. Spectacular is the library which holds 30.000 books and ancient documents.

via Duomo 288


how to get there from the MANN
5 min 10 min

from monday to sunday

h 10am > 4pm

sunday and holidays h 10am > 2pm

monday closed

full price €5

Centro Musei  delle Scienze Naturali e Fisiche

A fascinating journey to the discovery of both the precious naturalistic collections and the ancient physical instruments of the five historical universitary Museums hosted in the enchanting architectural context of the ex “Collegio Massimo dei Gesuiti” and of the seventeenth century “Complesso di San Marcellino e Festo”.

via Mezzocannone, 8

largo S. Marcellino, 10


how to get there from the MANN
10 min

monday > friday h 9am > 1:30pm

monday and thursday h 2:15pm > 4:30pm

saturday and sunday > extraordinary

opening only

full price €6

info and booking • +39 081 2537587


Centro Musa – Reggia di Portici

The Bourbon royal palace of Portici, 280 years of history between Vesuvius and the sea. An evocative cultural experience bridging architecture and nature: the apartments frescoed in the 18th and 19th centuries, the Herculanense Museum, the Botanic Gardens and natural woods, the Agricultural Sciences Museums.


via Università, 100 • 80055 Portici (NA)


how to get there from the MANN
40 min 30 min

parcheggio gratuito • free parking

giovedì h 15 > 18:30

Thursday h 3pm > 6:30pm

Friday to Sunday h 9:30am > 6:30pm

Monday > Wednesday by prior arrangement

full price €6

info line and booking

+39 081 2532016 / +39 081 2532007

(Monday to Friday h 9:30am > 1:30pm)

Parco dei Murales


This is the most visible outcome of an artistic requalification and social regeneration project through street art, managed by the INWARD Observatory on Urban Creativity, itself part of the Arteteca cultural association. Great works by important street artists take shape on building walls and illustrate the values of a community, after that meetings, events and workshops gave birth and nurtured them, first and foremost in minors.

Centro Territoriale per la Creatività Urbana, Via Argine 866 – 80147 Napoli

how to get there from the MANN
60 min 25 min

Always open, access free of charge.

To book a guided street art tour visit our website www.parcodeimurales.it

or call at +39 081 18954157

from monday to friday

from 9 am > 5 pm

San Giuseppe delle Scalze a Pontecorvo

It is a Barroque church built by Cosimo Fanzago on a pre-existing palace. Abandoned for many years, nowadays it is the headquarters of Le Scalze, a network of multidisciplinary and intergenerational associations that promotes socio-cultural activities with the aim of enhancing the building and giving it back to the community.

Salita Pontecorvo 65



how to get there from the MANN
14 min 6 min 12 min

august closed

saturday h 10am > 2pm

full price 5€


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