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Tutankhamun conquers the small screen

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Tut il destino di un faraone

From the pyramids to the small screen: Ancient Egypt is narrated by the miniseries “Tut“.

The main character is the young pharaoh Tutankhamun (played by the Canadian actor Avan Jogia) who, once adult, has to face the Grand Vizier Ay (Ben Kingsley), the Prime Minister of the Egyptian Empire, actually the man who was in power during the first years of regency when he governed in the place of the boy pharaoh.Tutankhamun will also have to fear the priest Amun (Alexander Sidding), the head of a polytheistic cult that despises Tut, and General Horemheb (Nonso Anozie), whose expansionist aims drives him to the continuous conquest of lands and populations.
In the USA, on the network Spike Tv where the miniseries was broadcast in July 2015, it reached the record of 1,7 million audience in the final episode, doubling the share of the network.

In order to discover the world of Ancient Egypt, a new exhibition entitled “Egypt Naples. From the Orient” will be opened at the MANN on June 29th, as a part of the project “Egypt Pompeii”.
On this occasion a new room will be inaugurated on the second floor of the building, it will house archeological records of the cult of Isis in Campania and of other oriental religions with which the Roman world came into contact.

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